November, 2018

October, 2018

Dima's new paper on tuning the reactivity of light-active Ru(II) complexes with diazine ligands is online at Chem Comm!


October, 2018

Welcome to new PhD students Austin Hachey, Alex Fenton, and Richard Mitchell!

October, 2018

Congratulations to Catherine, Dave, and our collaborators Drs. Inacrist Geronimo and Christy Payne! Our new paper on the molecular determinants for P450BM3 substrate selectivity and enzymatic activity is online at Biophysical Journal!

August, 2018

Welcome to new undergraduate researcher Olivia Tholt!

June, 2018

Yang's paper on using bacterial cytological profiling to understand the mechaism of action of inorganic anticancer agents is online at Molecular Pharmaceutics and was selected as ACS Editors' Choice! Congratulations!

April, 2018

Yang masterfully defended her thesis! Congratulations!!!

January, 2018

Welcome Dr. Elise Wright!

May, 2017

Leona and Kimberly graduate! Congratulations!!!

May, 2017

Leona is the star of an awesome new video about being a chemistry major at UK!

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March, 2017

Congratulations to Dima, Dave, Leona, and Dr. Sean Parkin! Dima's paper was highlighted on the back cover of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry for the special cluster issue on Metal Anticancer Complexes!

March, 2017

Congratulations, Ana, for successfully defending your thesis!

February, 2017

We got the cover of ACS Combinatorial Science!

January, 2017

Beyond excited to speak at this amazing symposium next month!

January, 2017

Congratulations Leona! She had two papers published AND was accepted to Weill Cornell Graduate School in the same week! Way to go!!!

Congratulations to Dima, Dave, Leona and Dr. Sean Parkin! Our paper on light activated Ru(II) complexes with pyridyl-benzazole ligands has been accepted to the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry for a special issue on medicinal inorganic chemistry!

 Congratulations to Ana, Catherine, Dave, Leona, Erin, and Prof. Jose Ruiz! Our paper on dual action light acitvated systems that combine P450 inhibitors and DNA damaging agents is up at Dalton Transactions!!divAbstract

December, 2016

Congratulations to Dave and our collaborators, Ashley Loe and Chris Richards! Our paper on using Dendra2 for real-time monitoring of protein production and degradation in live cells is online at SLAS Discovery (previously the Journal of Biomolecular Screening)! Check it out. We think Dendra2 is really useful for screening approaches.

Erin and Diego's paper is online at ACS Combinatorial Chemistry! Congratulations!

November, 2016

Welcome to the lab, Tiffany and Nicole!

September, 2016

Positions available!  We are looking for motivated postdoctoral scholars interested in medicinal inorganic chemistry or in heme enzymes.

August, 2016

Dr. Glazer is giving lectures at the 5th Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry Photochemistry School!

June, 2016

Congratulations to Erin and Ana! Their new paper "Geometry matters: inverse cytotoxic relationship for cis/trans-Ru(II) polypyridyl complexes from cis/trans-[PtCl2(NH3)2]" is online at ChemComm!

June, 2016

Congratulations to Catherine and Dave for their collaborative paper with Drs. Inacrist Geronimo, Christy Payne and Tom Huxford!  Our paper has fantastic company on Biochemistry ASAP!

















May, 2016

Congratulations to Erin for successfully defending her PhD thesis!

March, 2016

ACS San Diego was wonderful, and it was so good to catch up again with Ana Maria Zamora!

March, 2016

Erin is on a roll!  She just was awarded an American Chemical Society Travel Award to present two talks at the ACS in San Diego!

March, 2016

Congratuations, Erin! She has won the Myrle E. and Verle D. Nietzel Visiting Distinguished Faculty Program Award for her upcoming dissertation defense and will host Prof. Christine Cardin (University of Reading) as her outside examiner!

January, 2016

Congratulations to Matt and Brock!  Their paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B was designated a Hot Paper!

December, 2015

Dr. Glazer was a part of the Emerging Investigators in Bioinorganic Chemistry in the ACS Select Virtual Issue on Bioinorganic Chemistry!


December, 2015

Congratulations to Matt and Brock for their paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B!

November, 2015

Congratuations to Erin and Diego! Their report in Chemistry - a European Journal was designated a Hot Paper!

July, 2015

Welcome, Ana Maria!  We are very excited to host you as a visiting student from the Universidad de Murcia!

June, 2015

Congratulations to Yang for receiving an RCTF Fellowship!

March, 2015

Welcome, Dima!  Dima joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar from the Lviv National Medical University.


Check out a video about our research!  

Light-activated drugs


Awesome Demo Show for National Chemistry Week - good job, Erin and Catherine!


October, 2014
Congratulations to Dave and Brock for the acceptance of their paper to J. Med. Chem.!

October, 2014
Congratulations to Catherine for receiving an NIH NIDA training fellowship!

September, 2014
Congratulations to Achmad for his first author paper in Inorg. Chem.!

September, 2014
Congratulations to Yang and Matt for their paper in Inorg. Chem.!


August, 2014

Congratulations to Erin for being chosen to receive an RCTF Fellowship!