Faculty Director

Edith C. (Phoebe) Glazer

BA in Chemistry and English, Williams College, MA, PhD, University of California, San Diego (Yitzhak Tor, Advisor), NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute (David Goodin, Advisor) and California Institute of Technology (Harry Gray, Advisor)
Postdoctoral Scholars

Dmytro Havrylyuk, PhD

PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Liev National Medical University

Research Assistant Professor, 2020

Jerome Laisney

PhD, Paris-Saclay University

B.Sc. in Physics & Chemistry of Materials (graduated with honors)

University of Rennes 1

Graduate Students

Raphael Ryan

BS, Kent State University

Joint with Prof. Jack Selegue (Chemistry) https://chem.as.uky.edu/users/selegue

Richard Mitchell

BS, Chemistry, University of Cincinnati

Alex Fenton

BS, Biology, Society, and Environment, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Austin Hachey

BS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UMass Amherst

Meghan Kriger

BS, Biochemistry, Purdue University
Past Group Members

Heather Everson

BS, Kent State University

Nicole Rummel

BS in Biochemistry, BA in Japanese, Elizabethtown College

Alysia Kohlbrand

BS, Chemistry and Neuroscience UK

Graduate student at University of California, San Diego with Seth Cohen


Olivia Tholt

Dr. Erin Wachter

BS in Chemistry, St. Vincent College

Now Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Center College

Dr. Yang Sun

BS in Biotechnology, Beiging Normal University

Now a Staff Scientist at the Institute for Human Genetics, UCSF with Jimmie Ye

Dr. Ana Maria Zamora Martinez

Visiting Student, PhD Student with Jose Ruiz, Metallodrugs Group, University of Murcia

Now a Postdoctoral Scholar at KU Leuven

Diego Moya

BA in Chemistry, Berea College

Leona Nease

Chemistry Major, UKY

Now a PhD Student at Weill Cornell College of Pharmacology with Elena Piskounova

Achmad Hidayatullah

BS, Chemical Engineering, MS, Business Administration and Management

Manufacturing Manager, Chromatography Research Supplies, Inc.

Jenna Garafalo

Tre LaRosa

Dr. Matt Dickerson

BS, University of Kentucky, Chemical Engineering, PhD, University of Kentucky, Chemical Engineering, CNTC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kentucky, Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University, with David A. Jacobson

Now Research Instructor at Vanderbuilt University School of Medicine

Dr. Elise Wright

PhD in Biochemistry, University of Western Sydney, School of Medicine

Dr. Catherine Denning

PhD, University of Kentucky 2020

BS in Chemistry, Western Carolina University

Now a postdoctoral scholar in the Chemistry Department at Duke University with Kathy Franz