• Congratulations, Dr. Ryan!
    August, 2021

    Raphael masterfully defended his PhD! He is now off to an exciting postdoc with Prof. Emily Que!


    Congratulations, Alex! Alex has defended his MS thesis and is now going to Colorado State University for the next step in his education!

  • A new batch of papers are published!
    August, 2021

    Raphael has published another paper from his thesis work! Congratulations!


    Austin, Meghan, and Dave create a modern way to screen for aromatase inhibitors - that reports of four different aspects of the enzyme!

  • Raphael Wins the Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award!
    May, 2021

    Now Raphael has an award to corroberate the fact that his work is OUTSTANDING!

  • Austin advances to candidacy!
    May, 2021

    Congratulations, Austin!


  • Richard advances to candidacy!
    April, 2021

    Congratulations, Richard!

  • Review on the biological activities of polypyridyl ligands is published!
    April, 2021

    Austin's first paper, a collaborative review with Dima, has been published in Current Opinions in Chemical Biology! Congratulations!







    This review was a in the works for a long time. Why do some polypyridyl ligands have such inconsistent biological activity? And what is the mechanism? Austin and Dima have a theory! It also relates to the activity of some bipyridyl natural products.

  • Welcome Jerome!
    December, 2020

    We are very happy to have Dr. Jerome Laisney join the group! Dr. Laisney is an expert in nanomaterials and previously worked with Drs. Unrine and Tsyusko.

  • Welcome Meghan!
    December, 2020

    Continuing the trend in the group of not going by her first name, Sarah Meghan Kriger has joined the lab!

  • Dima is promoted to Research Assistant Professor
    December, 2020